Social is the Future

Getting involved with social media can bring so many benefits to your business that you simply cannot afford to ignore it. Social is a great way to interact with your clients but it is important to develop a well planned strategy before diving in blindly.

Here are some of the major benefits of social campaigns that can be effective

  • Exposure for your Brand
  • Generating New Leads and Business
  • Building Customer Loyalty
  • Client Communication (Easy Access)
  • Promoting New Products
  • Low Cost PPC Advertising
  • Improved Search Engine Rankings

Although there are tremendous benefits for business, social media accounts need to be carefully managed to ensure prompt response to customer queries and issues. A Facebook page that is full of customer complaints with no responses can do more harm than good. Ensuring all accounts carrying your brand are monitored and managed correctly is vital to success.

The major search engines have also realized that a well supported social profile with lots of activity (comments, tweets, likes, +1) can be a good signal to include in their ranking algorithms as it demonstrates heightened user interest in a particular brand or service. This trend is set to continue with levels of social activity directly impacting the amount of free search engine traffic you receive.

How We Can Help

Gecko Marketing can help you map out a strategy to get started with social media as well as the initial setup of all the accounts you will require. We also offer social campaign management if you do not have the time or the personnel in house. Please contact us for information.